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Corporate Audiovisual Installation: Banco Sabadell London

Sono carries out the audiovisual integration for the meeting rooms of the new corporate offices of Banco Sabadell in the Leadenhall building in London.

.Located on floors 37 and 38 of the Leadenhall Building, the new meeting rooms of Banco Sabadell needed to be equipped with audiovisual technology. This finan- cial enterprise entrusted Sono with the audiovisual engineering project, which included systems integration, supply of audiovisual equipment, programming, configuration and commissioning.

Efficiency, elegance and versatility

The aim of this complex project was to provide the meeting rooms with maxi- mum versatility and meet a high standard of quality both on a technical and an aesthetic level.

Banco Sabadell needed an installation that is flexible and adaptable to its needs. With this aim, Sono designed the configuration, the cabling and the programming so as to be able to link the rooms according to whether it was for a meeting, a seminar or a videoconference, and in accordance with the numbers of attendees of each event. The language interpreting system can also be employed in any of the rooms.

We achieved this versatility by using a complex fibre optic network, and an integrated Crestron control system, which is managed by a latest generation iPad. This means it is possible to select the option of communication between some of the rooms while maintaining others in stand-alone mode.

The audiovisual project includes:

Floor 38

2 independent meeting rooms
2 meeting rooms separated by a moveable screen, which can also jointly serve as one single room
2 language interpreting cabins which can be used for any meeting room. A language interpreting system for the telepresence room. A central rack space that controls and manages all the communications bet- ween rooms

Floor 37

Several meeting rooms with basic audio- visual presentation systems Reception area

Latest generation audiovisual technology


All the rooms have latest generation Samsung LED displays of up to 85”. Furthermore, in the dividable room a high luminosity full HD Panasonic projector was installed, which has a ultra short throw lens allowing it to be embedded invisibly in the ceiling. T

he video systems use a connection protocol based on HDBaseT for adjusting and distributing the video. We thus guarantee that the quality of the HD digital signal is optimum, despite the long cable length.

Audio and conference system

All of the rooms are equipped with motorised, retractable ceiling loudspeakers and conference systems with delegate units that are integrated into the table using custom made mechanisms. The correct configuration of the audio system guarantees the best reproduction of the sound captured by the microphone system, and avoids loops and feedback All the audio signals are digitally processed with BSS processors connected by network, both using TCP/IP protocol and CobraNet signals.

Language interpreting

The client has complete control over the interpretation of language, which is managed using a control system and the audio digital processors. The client can thus select the language to be heard in the room, the language is sent to the interpreters, and the translated version returns to the remote destination with which the videoconference has been established.

In the telepresence room, the system connects to a remote location with the interpreters via a hybrid telephone and then delivers the signal to the interpreting system by means of infrared wireless. Banco Sabadell has been in Lon- don since 1978, but in May 2016 inaugurated its new offices in the Leadenhall Building. This building from 2015 is 226 metres high and has 47 floors, and is known in London as the ‘Cheesegrater’ owing its physical similarity to this culinary implement. It is the second highest building in the Square Mile of the City, and the fourth-highest in the metropolitan area of London.


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