SONO repeats, for the second consecutive year, as an audiovisual partner for the massive People in Red ceremony directed by produce Toni Cruz held this time at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona. More than 900 people, with many familiar faces, gathered at the macro event that this year has managed to raise almost a million euros for the Figth Against AIDS Foundation.

Guest parade, photocall, red carpet and solo performances accompanied by the ‘Vicens Marti Big Band’ for a show conducted by Jesús Vázquez and broadcasted live on television.

Panoramic projection on both sides

The rectangular architecture of the space and the location of the stage at one of the extremes forced to find a technical solution that would allow the public to follow the event comfortably whatever their table location. It was also sought to achieve an immersive effect that would vary depending on each dish served on the menu and each musical performance, so that the space was almost completely dyed, with red as the progatonist.

To carry out the challenge, a perimeter projection system was used to involve the attendees. In total 14 PT-DZ21K2 DLP projectros of 20,000 lumens each, seven on each side, to form a 150×7 meters unit panoramic projection which included 6 PIPs to integrate the signals sent by Mediapro.

The visual combination was completed with 100 m2 of Matrix LED curtain distributed between the background o the stage and 3 lamps with 6 faces each on the audience.

The reproduction of contents was carried out with the Watchout system, and the management of the signals and the mixings was carried out by Barco E2.

Sound system

SONO provided L’Acoustic sound system consisting of 36 Karas, ten Sb18, 32 units of 108P, four X12 and two Arcs Wide. Sound managemetn was carried out with three Yamaha CL5 mixing desks plus six RIO3224 for management of shipments and returns via networks.

24 Shure Incorporated Axient frequencies plus 24 In Ear monitoring systems were used for the sounding of the Bigband and all musical performances.

Some of the artirts who went through the stage were: Algunos de los artistas que pasaron por el escenario fueron: DooWop Club, Lorena Gómez, Xavier Sarda, Bruno Oro, Obeses, David Civera, Alfred, Aitana, Pablo López o Ana Guerra, among others.

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